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your CAREGIVESTRY® account.


products and services that help your caregiving experience.


your registry with family members, friends, and others for support and encouragement.


purchased CAREGIVESTRY® items, starting on your selected “Care Launch Date”.


See FAQ details below.



Q: How do I know if I’m a family caregiver?

A: We often say to ourselves “of course I’m taking care of my mom/dad” (or a chronically ill spouse, child, or someone else). Few in our daily lives may understand the emotional, physical, and financial impact of caregiving.

It’s no wonder that we may not call ourselves family caregivers.

Anyone who provides care for a family member or friend with daily or critical care needs, whether in their own home or across the country, is a family caregiver.

Caregiving expert Denise M. Brown, founder of Caregiving.com further explains: “Caregiving is not a location-based experience, it’s an emotional one.”


Q: How does CAREGIVESTRY help the difficulties of caregiving?

A: We can all help the experience of family caregivers through awareness, meaningful support, community advocacy and resources, and responsible legislation. As the impact of caregiving reaches epidemic proportions, individuals and organizations throughout the U.S. have made tremendous strides in addressing the challenges facing family caregivers.

We provide a fun and meaningful way to celebrate this life-changing event. Please see More Ways to Help and Caregiving Resources for more information.



Q: How do I create a CAREGIVESTRY® (Caregiving Registry) account?

A: Select “Gift Registry” from the Navigation Menu and click “Create a Registry”.


Q: What’s my ‘Care Launch Date’?

A: Your ‘Care Launch Date‘ is when shipment of items purchased by family, friends, and others will begin. Most items in your registry will be delivered within 10 – 14 days after your Care Launch Date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating your account, please allow at least 2 (two) weeks before your selected Care Launch Date. A 14 day minimum (or longer) allows family, friends, and others time to purchase items you’ve selected in your caregiving registry.


Q: Can I create a caregiving registry on behalf of a family caregiver?

A: Yes (with their permission). Input the family caregiver’s name and information as ‘Registrant’, and your name and information as the ‘Co-Registrant’. Share username and password with your Registrant to allow them to make changes and updates.


Q: Do I have to add a picture to my registry?

A: You don’t have to add a picture, however it’s a great way to share a snapshot of your caregiving experience with family, friends, and others.


FINDING products and services to help your caregiving journey.

Q: What’s the best way to search items?

A: After logging in to your account, we recommend choosing ‘Collections‘ in the navigation menu as the best way to find items helpful to you.


The “Collections” option is currently available via PC only (we’re working on adding it to mobile view). You can search for items using “Departments” via PC or mobile.


Q: How do I add an item to my registry?

A: After selecting a “Collections” category like (JOYFUL) Activities or (STRESS REDUCING) Aromatherapy:

Click on an item to read the item description. Select the ‘Add to Registry‘ button. Use the quantity drop-down to choose how many you’d like.

If shopping by “Departments” (i.e. Craft and Hobby, or For Body and Beauty), select a department category and follow the step above.


Q: Can I edit my registry after it’s been created?

A: Yes. You can make changes to your registry at any time up to 48 hours before your Care Launch Date.

To edit your registry or profile information after you’ve logged out, sign in using the link provided via email when you created your account. For more help updating your registry, email us at info@caregivestry.com.

If you change your mind about a gift after it has been purchased, you have the option to convert the value of the gift to Store Credits and purchase another product.

If you need to change your Care Launch Date, please email us at info@caregivestry.com by no later than 48 hours before the date.


Q: Can I purchase an item for myself instead of adding to my registry?

A: Yes. When you click on an item, select “Add to Invoice” (instead of “Add to Registry”). You’ll be prompted to check out or continue adding items to your registry. You can purchase items added to your invoice by clicking the Shopping Cart icon.


SHARING your registry with family members, friends, and others for support and encouragement.

Q: How can I share my registry via email or social media?

A: When you create your registry account, you’ll receive a Welcome email that includes a link to copy/paste and share.

Or, when/after logged in to your registry account, select ‘Gift Registry’ from the navigation menu, then click your “registry home page”.

Click on “Share this registry with friends and family”.

Copy your registry link from the pop up box. Paste the link into your social media post, or share via email.


Q: What if some family or friends who’d like to give a gift prefer not to use a computer?

A: We’re here to help! They can contact us at 469-424-0184.



Q: Can I include a note/message with my gift?
A: Yes. When you checkout, there is space to enter your gift message.

Q: Is my credit card information secure when I make a purchase?
A: Yes. We use first-class security to protect our customers.



Q: What happens on my ‘Care Launch Date’?

A: Shipment of purchased items will begin on your Care Launch Date. You’ll receive an email confirmation upon shipment, and the guest who made the purchase will also receive a confirmation.

Most items in your registry will be delivered within 10 – 14 days after your Care Launch Date.


Q: How do Gift Certificates for Non-Medical Home Care Services work?

A: Gift certificates are redeemable for non-medical home care services at the location specified. Currently certificates are available in the following areas:

North Dallas, Texas


When selecting a gift certificate, please review service description, including participating locations and service areas. Certificates expire 120 days after your Care Launch Date. Other restrictions may apply, at the discretion of the participating Home Care Agency.

We strongly recommend contacting the agency prior to adding a Gift Certificate to your registry for purchase.



See all Terms and Conditions here.